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Hands in the shadows typing on a laptopIf you or a loved one has been charged with using a computer or the internet for a criminal purpose, you need aggressive representation from a professional, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Many people have access to the internet these days, and it is not surprising that so many different criminal offenses can be committed using the internet as a means. If convicted of this offense, you could face prison time, fines, probation, and a damaging mark on your criminal record. To give yourself the best chance of overcoming computer or internet charges, contact the Law Office of Juan Carlos Hernández, P.C.

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Computer or internet crimes involve a number of different criminal activities, including the following:

  • Internet fraud and computer fraud, including e-mail campaigns to secure bank information

  • Credit card fraud and identity theft, phishing, and DNS hijacking

  • Internet gambling

  • Sale of counterfeit goods over the internet, including software piracy, computer game piracy, video game piracy, music piracy

  • Internet pornography, including possession of child pornography, dissemination of child pornography, and violation of local obscenity ordinances

  • Cyberstalking

  • Sexual solicitation, including online child sex solicitation, instant messaging sexually explicit material to children

  • Human trafficking — using the internet for illegal online trafficking of women or children for sex or servitude and child sexual exploitation

  • Internet Viruses

  • Hacking and Computer Sabotage

  • Invasion of privacy by planting Crimeware & Spyware

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a computer-related crime or any criminal offense, respectfully assert your right to remain silent and CONTACT the Law Office of San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer Juan Carlos Hernández, P.C. immediately for a free consultation and review of your legal rights!